Monday, January 4, 2016

princess paisley turns 3.

on new years eve my little miss turned 3 years old. new years eve of 2012 will probably have to go down in history as BEST new years eve EVER. because it was the day i officially became an aunt, and nothing else in this world (yet) has been quite as honorable and exciting as being an aunt. it amazes me at how much little pais grows each and every day.

for ms. pais, we had a princess party.....

^^isn't the "when you wish upon a star" just the cutest princess party banner you ever did see?!^^ i must admit, i was super proud of myself for how cute all the decorations turned out.

i had to work in the morning, as soon as i got home i began to bake paisley's birthday cake. as the cake baked and cooled, i decorated. 

i made paisley the same cake i had made for my mom's birthday, it's proven to be a new favorite. we're thinking we'll start referring to this cake as "sugar cookie cake" because it's easier than saying "it's a mock kitty katrina cake from the chooclate. which is a madagascan vanilla cake layered with a vanilla butter cream frosting" and most importantly, it tastes like a scrumptious sugar cookie. makes sense right??
i topped pasiley's cake with purple frosting and lots of sprinkles (birthday girls request) we decorated the house with pink, purple, & gold sparkly banners. 

little pais ran around her party in her darling little birthday outfit. her outfit was complete with two little messy buns and a sparkly crown headband. every 3 year old deserves to dress up like a princess on her birthday (if not every day)

once all the guests arrived we started the party with eating pizza; but pais had no patience or desire for pizza - she was just ready for us to sing happy birthday to her. her wish is our command, so we began to sing. the sassy little girl burst into tears. what were we thinking? you can't sing happy birthday with PIZZA. happy birthday is to be sang with cake and candles. silly us.

we grabbed her mini cake (because next week her sister is turning one, which means she'll get a smash cake, and paisley felt like she needed one too) and sang to her, the whole time her bottom lip quivered as she tried her hardest to stop crying. it wouldn't be a party without tears now would it?

although this little princess is pretty sour, she can also be quite sweet. i mean, look at that face! there is no other 3 year old i'd take demands from.

after presents it was time for cake and ice cream, so we lit some candles & sang happy birthday (for the second time)

afterwards we snuggled up in our blankets and coats and headed outside for fireworks. when i say 'fireworks' i mean REAL legit fireworks. tyler had purchased them in wyoming, they are the type of fireworks you see at the rodeo, and at the city's annual firework show on the 4th of july. what a spoiled girl. what other 3 year old gets a her very own firework show on her birthday?

paisley fox rocks my world, i wouldn't choose anyone else to have as my dress-up partner. i love my little miss.

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