Tuesday, January 5, 2016

happy 15th j man.

yesterday my little J dude turned 15 years old.... 15!!! which means he gets his learners permit, and is one year away from 'legally dating.' our morning started bright and early with present opening.
because i'm a slacker i didn't have his gift for him bright and early with the rest... but after work i quickly rushed to buy him some new joggers (my little brother asked for joggers for his birthday.. he also asks me for fashion advice... how cute is that?! he's seriously growing up) hours later after losing my phone in a parking lot (which was later picked up by some girls.... they found it buried in snow) going on a hunt to find the rescuers of my precious phone, buying my little brother his joggers, and buying some $7 plaid pleated skirts for me i FINALLY got back home - and just in time for birthday dinner. 

after dinner we had chocolate pancakes for dessert (an old family fave) they're eaten with a sweet butter - not syrup - and they may sound nasty but they're actually quite scrumptious. jackson opted out of cake, because his birthday is the 4th of 5 birthdays within one month. as a result we're all a little burnt out on cake.

jackson is such a sweet kid and no one makes me laugh harder than he does. he keeps this home happy and light hearted. i have such a stud for a little brother. happy 15th jackson, best of luck on the roads.... EEK.

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