Sunday, January 3, 2016

christmas day 2015.

christmas morning is always an exciting one. waking up with your siblings and hardly being able to contain your exicetment over seeing what "santa brought" is a magical feeling. obviously as i've grown up that "santa magic" feeling is gone (tear tear) but christmas is still such a happy day. the foot of fresh powdery snow made this christmas morning even 10x better. we looked out a window to see everything covered by the thick white blanket, my heart stopped. white christmas's guys..... there is nothing better.

everything about this picture....... everything.

after opening presents i helped my mama make a big christmas breakfast of quiche and pumpkin coffee cake. while in the middle of cooking we got a skype call from SISTER HILL. we got to talk to her for over 3 hours (just like last year) and it was the greatest christmas gift of all. crazy to think this is our last time skyping with her as a missionary, she'll be HOME in just a little over a month. she is such a sunshine! i love seeing her big smile and hearing her happy laugh.

after skyping it was time for christmas sledding.

 earlier this year - my big brother - tyler's corolla had broken down. he took the hood off and saved it to use as a sled this winter. we took it out to this huge field, hooked it up to the back of our fourwheeler, and went HAM. the hood was convenient because you could fit multiple people on it at a time. my brothers took turns driving the 4 wheeler and they went absolutely nuts. they'd go speeding over jumps & we'd catch hella air. they'd take sharp turns and drive in circles & we'd go flailing off the "sled" and through the air. as you can see from the photo above we got  absolutely wrecked.... and it was the funnest experience of my life. living with brothers has it perks - they're never cautious, and they're completely wild 100% of the time.

after hours of intense sledding we came back home, got in dry warm clothes, and my mama popped some take and bake papa murphys in the oven. our family does christmas a little different then most. we never have a nice sit down dinner on christmas; instead we always have a big breakfast, snack throughout the day, then eat some papa murphy's that my mom had picks up the day before. what's better then yummy breakfast and take and bake pizza??

 "bear cheeks"
the rest of the night was pretty calm. tyler, chels, and their girlies went over to chelsea's parents house and colt and nicole headed over to be with colts family. it was quiet and peaceful as me, my parents, heather, and j man played some banana grams & spot it (our new christmas games.) as the night got quiet i couldn't help but feel so content. this christmas may of been the smallest christmas i've ever had. don't get me wrong; my parents spoiled me with a lot of nice things! i got a stunning turquoise ring, a heated blanket, a new curling wand, & some other fun stuff; but compared to years in the past we defs kept things much more simple. even with the simplicity and the fact that less money then usual was spent, it was such a great christmas. it may of just been the best christmas yet.

i was able to really slow down and just soak every last moment in with my family and loved ones. i was really able to focus on the savior and the fact that he was sent here to this earth for ME. to imagine Christ as a new born babe wrapped in swaddling clothes all fresh and new from heaven makes my heart full. that tiny babe would change the world. because of him heavenly fathers plan could finally happen. i imagine the night of Christs birth as such a calm one. i imagine a peaceful feeling filled the air that night. the moment that everyone had been waiting for had finally arrived. i know that the birth of Christ was a monumental moment. reflecting on the night that out savior was born fills my heart and humbles my soul.
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