Wednesday, January 18, 2017

100% in the Dad department.

My usual shift at work is just 8-12, but a few times a week I'll take an extra shift and stay until 4 or 5. Last Thursday was one of the days where I had an extra shift, and so I knew I'd needed to pack a lunch! My typical go-to "meal" these days is a quest bar an a honey crisp apple. I had my apple all washed, dried, and sealed in a sandwich baggie ready waiting for me in the fridge. Once I got to work I realize I had left the apple at home in the fridge. Being the obedient & good daughter I am, I texted my dad and brother to see if either one of them were home and could bring it to me.

This is how the conversation followed...... When I got the text from my dad saying "I brought lunch, respect the effort and eat it!" I was just expecting my apple, but then this showed up on my desk...
I looked inside and sure enough there was my apple! Along with with the apple was a yogurt, 2 slices of french bread (which were left over from dinner the night before,) and 2 homemade snicker-doodles (which my mother had also made the night before.) I guess he had told my mom "If i'm taking her lunch I'm taking her a real lunch! Not just an apple!" My heart melted and I couldn't help but laugh a little bit. There clearly hasn't been a lot of lunch packing experience in my fathers past. I think the thing that cracked me up most was the 2 pieces of bread. No sandwich; just two pieces of bread!

He even packed it in my cute two-toned pink lunch bag! What a cutie. I'll admit, I didn't eat anything else he had packed (besides the apple) but that still respected his effort, right?! 
It's nice to know that I always have help and support, even when I don't want it and don't accept it! I know my dad would do ANYTHING to try and help. Sadly, it's not just as simple as having a "prepared" lunch/food in front of me. If that's all it took I would've been 'healed' a LONG time ago. But it's the genuine thought and effort he put into it that counts. I can just imagine him standing in the kitchen in a panic trying to figure out what to pack me (which ended up with the leftover food in plastic bags on the counter making there way to my lunch bag) but it touches my heart. I can honestly say it made my day. 100% in the dad department right here.