Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas day 2016.

We woke up on Christmas morning when our babies did. They were so excited to see if Santa had came and what he had brought them. 
I feel so happy that they're still living with us. There's nothing more magical then babies on Christmas morning. It makes me all the more excited and hopeful to have kiddo's of my own someday. 

I was WAY too spoiled by Santa, my parents, and my cute family this year. A new i-phone (7 plus - hey hey hey check me out!), clothes, a new bed spread, books, candles, shoes, ect. All of my favorite things!
After presents we got ready for church. Although I love staying in my Pajama's all day, church on Christmas morning is so perfect. It's a great reminder of why we celebrate in the first place! I love being able to reflect on Christ's birth. I can't help but just feel so blessed. This gospel truly is the the full puzzle. It's everything we need and more. It wouldn't be possible without Him.
Her and her little pig tails; be still my heart.
We came home and were changed back into our pj's within the blink of an eye. We made some homemade egg nog and then slaved away in the kitchen as we helped my mom cook food for our "Christmas brunch."
We usually always have a big Christmas breakfast, but because Christmas was a Sunday this year we waited until after church. Our Christmas brunch consisted of a breakfast quiche, an overnight baked brown sugar pecan french toast (with caramel syrup), fresh pineapple, and orange juice.

The rest of the day was spent snuggling inside, playing with new toys, and enjoying time as a family. Christmas day is so magical. I love the relaxed and cozy feeling that fills the air. It was especially cozy considering there had been a storm the night before while we were all fast asleep. Nothing tops a white Christmas! 

(There's total a legitimate reason for all the hype this speak now game has gotten. It's a hoot.)

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