Monday, January 16, 2017

Our favorite 2 foot 20 pound 2 year old.

^^Say that 10x fast!^^
 Maycie is our 2 foot 20 pound honey badger.... and as of January 5th she's now 2 YEARS OLD. 

  At the beginning of winter she was still squeezing into her 6-9 month snow suit while we waited to get her "up to date" one out of the storage unit. Can you believe that?

Maycie is our "honey badger" because she doesn't give 2 dangs about anything! She's salty, feisty, and can certainly hold her own. Believe it or not, she's actually super super sweet... Just don't upset her ;) 

Kissing my nose.... it was a sweet moment.  


Because she has the 3rd birthday in 6 days (the the 5th birthday of the month) *insert eye roll emoji* we're all done with cake.... So candles in cookies it was! Plus some breakfast for dinner, because if it was up to her she'd live off of pancakes + sausage. 

We sure love Maycie and the laughs she brings to our home every day. Happy birthday "mooskerdoodle"

Maycie is born here and Maycies first birthday here.