Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve morning started at work for me (because double pay - i'm a sucker for $$.) Afterwards I headed over to our Hill Family Christmas Eve party.
The highlight of the party for Paisley was the pumpkin pie; and by pumpkin pie I mean licking oodles of whipped cream off of the top of her pumpkin pie (because I don't think she actually took one bite)

She owns my heart.

She owns my heart too. Although she isn't apart of the "hill side" she joined us at the party and I'm SO glad she did. She comes down to spend Christmas with my family every year. It's always one of the biggest Christmas blessings/highlights for me!

 I then delivered a bunch of friend gifts - which included lots of these candied apples. 
And when you get ready and do your make up for the first time in weeks you've obviously gotta selfie it up in the car for a hot minute. 
The night ended with tradition after tradition. We went to in-n-out burger for dinner, saw a "Christmas Eve movie," went on a drive to see Christmas lights, and had a mega sleepover with everyone in the family room. 
(of course there's going to be some tears after you trip)

Our Christmas Eve movie this year was Moana. 10/10 recommend. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 
And it did snow that night. It was a Christmas miracle. 

Christmas Eve 2015 here.